What are the side effects associated with GranuFlo?

Cardiac arrest is the foremost adverse side effect in dialysis treatments using GranuFlo. Cardiac arrest may result from a heart attack or other cardiovascular conditions. It is a serious medical emergency that can result in death if not adequately or immediately tended to.

Another main side effect of GranuFlo is metabolic alkalosis, which results from excess bicarbonate.

Other side effects associated with GranuFlo include cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, and low blood pressure.

Why did my doctor prescribe GranuFlo for my dialysis treatment if it has these side effects?

GranuFlo and its liquid counterpart, NaturaLyte, have been popularly prescribed since arriving to the U.S. market in 2003. They are products of Fresenius Medical Care, which is the largest provider in the U.S. of dialysis treatment, education, and support services and operates more than 2,100 dialysis clinics across the nation — offering a convenient treatment solution for patients.

What places me at a higher risk of adverse effects in using GranuFlo for dialysis?

Any patient undergoing dialysis treatment for kidney failure is placed at a higher risk of adverse side effects as a result of using GranuFlo. GranuFlo has been linked to hundreds of cases of cardiac arrest as a result of treatment.

Kidney failure most often occurs in adults who suffer from diabetes and/or high blood pressure, although it can arise from other conditions. Men are 50 percent more likely than women to develop chronic kidney disease.

Has any legal action been taken against GranuFlo based on these findings?

There are several lawsuits against GranuFlo that have arisen since the FDA announced its Class 1 recall of the drug. In March 2013, all federally filed cases were consolidated into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) suit in the U.S. Federal Court for the District of Massachusetts. There were 515 lawsuits pending in the GranuFlo MDL against Fresenius by February 2014.

How do I know if I have a viable case in the GranuFlo lawsuit?

If you have suffered from cardiac arrest, or if someone you love has died as a result of cardiovascular conditions, resulting from dialysis treatment with GranuFlo, or if you have developed metabolic alkalosis or any of the other documented adverse side effects, you may have a case for filing a claim against GranuFlo.

What should I do if I want to pursue legal action?

If you have been adversely affected by GranuFlo dialysis treatment or believe you have suffered from one of the serious conditions linked to such products, first see a qualified health care professional. You should also report the incident to your physician and the FDA.

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