Essure General Information

Essure is a contraceptive device used for female sterilization and manufactured by Bayer. Unlike other forms of female sterilization, it requires no surgical incision.

Essure consists of two metal coils made of steel, titanium and polyethylene fibers that are implanted into the fallopian tubes. The fibers in the coils cause inflammation to occur in the fallopian tubes. This in turn causes scar tissue to develop around the device, and thus, prevents the occurrence of conception.

The FDA approved Essure back in 2002; however, since being on the market, the FDA has received more than 5,000 complaints and reports of adverse reactions to the device. While the device’s manufacturer continues to claim that Essure is safe and effective, thousands of women disagree and have reported to the FDA serious complications resulting from the device, including death.

The following side effects have been reported by women who have undergone Essure sterilization:

  • Unintended pregnancies,
  • Ectopic pregnancies,
  • Miscarriages,
  • Stillbirths,
  • Severe pain and bleeding, and
  • Migration of device and perforation of organs.

At McDivitt Law Firm, we feel that you deserve information that may be relevant to your rights as a consumer. We want to alert you to a potential claim regarding this device that you or someone you know may have had implanted.

We may be able to help if:

  • You have undergone implantation of the Essure device; and
  • You have suffered from one of the side effects mentioned above.

If you or someone you know has had Essure implanted and been affected by the health risks listed above, please contact us for a confidential case evaluation.