Mass Tort Law - Karen McDivittDrug is a resource center created by Karen McDivitt, PhD, to inform patients who might be at risk of serious side effects from commonly prescribed drugs or commonly used medical devices.

Founded in 2014, provides useful information to people who might be suffering as a result of defective prescription drugs or medical devices. As one of the co-founders of McDivitt Law Firm, Dr. McDivitt saw a chance to help connect those patients who might have claims with attorneys who could help. is designed to offer extensive information regarding risks and warnings for particular medical drugs and devices.

Dr. McDivitt hopes will answer many of the questions you might have about a medical device or a drug you have been prescribed or are considering taking. If you find you’ve already experienced some of the side-effects mentioned about a particular drug, you can connect with McDivitt Law Firm to see if you might have a claim against the drug’s manufacturer.

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