What is a defective drug?

A prescription drug is considered defective when it causes known side-effects, and the pharmaceutical company continues to allow the drug to be prescribed and distributed in the marketplace. Patients who suffer as a result of these drugs are often entitled to compensation for their injuries, including compensation for pain and suffering.

Who pays if I have been hurt by a defective drug?

If you have been injured by a defective drug, and the company that makes the drug knew about the  potential for injury, then that company is responsible for compensating the injured victims. In order to get the company to pay for your medical bills as well as your pain and suffering, you would need to file a mass tort claim against that company. These claims are handled by several law firms throughout the country, including McDivitt Law Firm, a sister company to DrugClaim.com. The law firm handling your case will ensure that your interests are represented throughout the life of the lawsuit, and will ensure that you are paid out from any kind of settlement reached between the pharmaceutical company and the victims filing suit against the company.

Did my doctor know I was taking a defective drug?

In most cases where defective drugs are involved, doctors are unaware of the detrimental side effects that the drug companies know about but tried to hide. The chances are, by the time your prescribing doctor is aware of the issues with the drug, you will know as well. If you are the victim of a defective drug or medical device, you would be filing a law suit or a mass tort claim against the manufacturer of the drug or device, not against your doctor.

How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

The best thing you can do, if you don’t know at this time whether or not you might have a case, is to research more about the drug or device you are taking. DrugClaim.com has a wealth of information on some of the more common drugs that are currently in the midst of mass tort law suits. This kind of information can help you decide whether you have a case. If you think you might have a case, you can contact McDivitt Law Firm.

How Much Will it Cost Me to File a Claim?

In cases like this, there is no up-front cost to the injured victim, and you will not owe your attorney anything until your attorney is able to get compensation for your injuries. This means your law firm would be working for you on a contingency basis, and will take a percentage of the settlement money, only when that money comes through for you.

What is DrugClaim.com?

DrugClaim.com is a resource center for people who want to learn more about defective drugs or devices. The site was founded by Dr. Karen McDivitt in 2014, who saw an oporutnity to help inform patience, and connect injured victims to a law firm with extensive experience in Personal Injury cases. McDivitt Law Firm is a personal injury firm that has been representing injured victims for more than 40 years. The firm has attorneys and case managers on hand, who are able to answer some of the questions you might have about a potential case. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about a drug or device that you believe to be defective.